Success Stories

"Working out with Abraham has taught me to be confident in myself and the proper way to build a strong foundation for me to harness my true potential. I have now lost the weight, have a true understanding of what proper nutrition is all about and have the necessary skills to provide me with a better sense of self. I tried many diets and exercise programs in the past and gave up quickly. I truly believe, I could not have done it without his guidance and expertise in total body fitness. I will forever be indebted to Abraham with Abrahamfitness ! -Sonia Gaubert"

Sonia Pekrol

"I was labeled morbidly obese but I didn't have problems with Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, or even Diabetes. I remember feeling that this is how I was meant to live but I was just surviving. Then I saw my "before" picture and thought there has to be a way. I have gained and loss hundreds of pounds all my life. I was "DIEting" but never learned how to eat properly. I would overtrain in the gym and would get injured countless of times. At a low point in my life, I decided to train with Abraham because he practiced what he preached. I knew he wouldn't take my excuses and push my mind and body to new levels. It was tough love and exactly what I needed. Abraham taught me that your body doesn't transform in the gym but in the kitchen. It's a constant struggle but Abraham showed me about proper nutrition. Fueling your body and not your emotions. What separates Abraham from other trainers is that he actually cares. He wants you to be successful, believe in yourself, and achieve your dreams. In the beginning, Abraham would check up on me to see if I worked out and what I have been eating. I lost over 100 pounds in a 13 month span and kept most of it off. That is 2 pound weight loss a week for 56 weeks. Not so hard when you think about it. I have been working with Abraham for over 4 years and he still gives me the kick in the butt that I need today. He is not only like my big"

Karine Gaubert

(100lbs weight loss)